Kyle Steele

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Release Date: 05/28/2018
There's no need to start this scene with an interview. You know these two and you know just how fucking hot they are. The two dark haired boys kiss in their pants - feeling up each other's bodies as their lust grows. Scott pushes Kyle's face onto his hard cock. Kyle swallows his hard dick whole as...
Release Date: 05/24/2017
When some people are asked about their idea of heaven it's all clouds and harps etc - ask me and it would definitely be being spit roasted in between Mason Lear and Kyle Steele. Having Mason's cock in your mouth while you look at his gorgeous body - with Kyle barebacking your tight hole is just...
Release Date: 01/11/2017
Cash discovers Kyle lying on the bed - his naked body barely covered by a robe. His big dick is soon at attention as they strip down. Cash takes Kyle cock in his mouth - whilst his own cock is begging for some attention too. Kyle puts his mouth to work first on Cash's cock and then Kyle tongue is...
Release Date: 09/07/2016
Oliver Saxon is one of those boy next door gorgeous guys who has wanted to try porn and well - here he is. You're going to love this guy and with the super gorgeous Kyle Steele this is a super hot pairing. The two start kissing on the bed - wrapped in each other in their underpants is a super sexy...
Release Date: 07/27/2016
New porn model Christian Pierce is a man's man. Throughout this steaming scene he is grunting with pure animal passion as Kyle Steele licks his armpits. The only time we can't hear his manly groans is when he's got a mouth full of Kyle's cock. He gets the full force of Kyle's dick deep inside his...
Release Date: 06/23/2016
Fourth of July holiday is cumming up and the guys on the Jason Sparks Nationwide Bareback Road Trip and filled with patriotism and the desire to have fun outdoors. Making good use of the warm weather - Kyle and Mason are out by the pool - playing frisbee and taking a dip. The sight of each other's...
Release Date: 05/18/2016
Joshua is feeling "absolutely perfect" today - I'm going to guess that's got a lot to do with the smart, sexy, buff guy sitting next to him. Kyle Steele is from Dallas and is hoping to get into Med School someday. But for today he's playing doctor with Joshua and the two hit it off instantly. After...