River Elliott & Jack Hunter BAREBACK in Milwaukee

Jason Sparks spends his days travelling across the USA looking for hot models and shooting them for your enjoyment. He's shot hundreds of scenes and d...iscovers countless new talent - so when he says "This is the hottest scene I have ever shot" you take notice. River's cock was rock hard from the moment he walked in the door - he's an exhibitionist with a passion for public sex. Jack is just drop dead gorgeous and the two of them have big dicks and swap deepthroating each other's fine meat. River takes charge and after lubing up Jack with his tongue, pounds his hole with his big erect pole - grabbing at his throat! Don't miss this scene - and bring a box of tissues. [Read more]

Logan Carter & Jake Aussie BAREBACK

Logan Carter and Jake Aussie are definitely a promising looking pair. Jake is cute, twinkly-eyed and smooth-skinned. Flame-haired Logan is beefier, ha...irier, and clearly more experienced than his younger partner. This is actually Jake’s first time on camera, but he claims to be sexually adventurous and incredibly flexible! They kick things off on the bed, Jake, in a well-fitting jockstrap, body wrapped around Logan, kissing the older man lustfully. Logan’s bulge throbs in his underpants. He knows the tasty twink is his. Logan stands against the wall and Jake drops to his knees, immediately deep-throating the tattooed hunk’s 9-inch meat. Logan’s eyes roll back in his head and his cheeks flush red. This cute little slut gives the greatest head. Logan reciprocates, flinging Jake onto the bed and wrapping his firm lips around the boy’s surprisingly large dick. Jake’s eyes start to flash with rabid, wanton excitement. He’ll do whatever Logan wants. Logan pushes the twink onto all fours and gets his tongue lodged deep inside the pale boy’s tight pussy. Wrecking this quivering young hole is gonna be a blast! Within minutes, Logan is deep inside his prey, kneeling up behind Jake, grinding his rigid, raw pole into the boy’s tender ass. Jake’s entire body convulses as Logan’s strokes intensify. Logan bangs harder and deeper, relentlessly thrusting every inch of his powerful, cum-filled dick into the gasping boy. Jake lies on his side, twisting his supple body to kiss the older man as he brutally pummels him from behind. A trilogy of sexy positions is completed with Jake on his back as Logan approaches the mother of all climaxes. Helpless Jake now jerks himself off frantically. Logan pulls out just as Jake squirts pearls of creamy semen across his smooth stomach. Logan instantly follows suit, blasting an enormous, watery load. [Read more]

Anton Dahl & Declan McClain BAREBACK in Albuquerque

Adventurous Anton is a bit of an action sports fan - listing snowboarding and motocross amongst the long list of his sporting interests. His blonde lo...cks are in stark contrast to Declan's dark looks but the two of them have terrific on screen chemistry as they start kissing passionately. Though the hottest part of this scene is definitely watching a tidal wave of cum flow from Anton's hole at the end ... [Read more]

Cole Blue & Eli Bennett BAREBACK

Handsome, tall twink, Cole Blue gets down and very dirty with teen pocket rocket, Eli Bennett, on a sunny veranda in Minneapolis. When you’re as imp...atient as these two horny boys, you get things moving as quickly as you possibly can. Cole reclines on a sun lounger and encourages Eli to seductively slide onto his lap. They kiss sensuously, their delicate tongues exploring each other’s mouths and then drifting downwards to tenderly nuzzle nipples. It’s not long before Eli is squatting between Cole’s legs, enthusiastically sucking the tall guy’s giant dick, trying to gobble every inch of it into his hungry mouth and throat while Cole enters a reverie of intense, lust-fuelled pleasure. Cole kneels on the sun-lounger and presents his peach-like ass to Eli, who dutifully gets to work, sliding his long, probing tongue into the taller guy’s tight hole. Cole groans. His entire body is now quivering with excitement. Moments later, Eli plunges his firm, hung meat into Cole’s ass, pumping him hard and fast within seconds. He literally slams himself into Cole, utterly insatiable, like a frenzied jack rabbit in heat. Cole is left with no choice but to bite his lip and try to regulate his breathing as the pleasantly brutal onslaught continues. Cole squirts a giant load with Eli still inside him. Immense ribbons of thick, creamy spunk fly out of his dick, coating the sun-lounger below with a slippery layer of semen. [Read more]

Mason Lear & Ty Thomas BAREBACK in Omaha

If you've got a hard spot for gymnasts then Jason Sparks' latest find Mason Lear is going to get you rock hard. He's a hairy horny boy with a passion ...for public sex. The site of his dark beard buried in Ty's creamy white ass is sensational! The two have amazing chemistry which results in a intense fuck session and a tsunami of creamy jizz. [Read more]


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