Julian Waits & Tad Tyler BAREBACK

Jason Spark’s ever-sexy American road trip stops off in Georgia this week and pairs relative newcomer, Julian Waits with first timer, Tad Tyler. Julian... [read more]

Craig Wayne & Jake Matthews BAREBACK in Boise

Meet Craig Wayne a new porn discovery from Idaho who confesses to having sex outside a Mormon church! He's teamed up with regular Jake Matthews who deepthroats... [read more]

Mason Dean & Jeremy George BAREBACK

Jason was thrilled to bring Mason Dean on camera! Not only was the Atlanta native no stranger to being on camera, but he had incredible chemistry with... [read more]

Alex Mason & Jack Hunter BAREBACK in Omaha

It's hard and dirty work travelling around the country on the Jason Sparks Nationwide Bareback Road Tour so what better way to relax at the end of the... [read more]

Sean Duran & Liam Carter in Atlanta

Versatile stud Liam is dwarfed by Sean’s massive size. The thick, muscular bodybuilder takes up more than his fair share of the bed in their Atlanta... [read more]

Ty, Ian & Brogan BAREBACK in Nashville

This is another of those REMEMBER WHERE YOU SAW HIM FIRST moments as we introduce Ty Thomas to you this week. He is the newest members of The Jason Sparks... [read more]

Spencer Daley & Logan Carter in Atlanta

Spencer and Logan can practically read each other’s minds. When they’re locked in a lustful embrace, kissing and rubbing up on each other’s muscular,... [read more]

Cadence Marshall & Travis Stevens BAREBACK in Louisville

Meet our latest porn star find Cadence Marshall. He grew up in Germany so has a delicious accent. We often have guys who are great at sports but Cadence... [read more]

Bareback Road Trip: Connor and Mikey in Atlanta

Connor Taylor is one of those boys you can’t take your eyes off of. Tall, skinny, pale, red-headed, a little geeky... On paper, you probably wouldn’t... [read more]

Chad Porter & Devin Rey BAREBACK in Detroit

Chad Porter is back and this time he's in a flip flop bareback fuck fest with new porn model Devin Rey. Devin's a mountain climber and has even been to... [read more]

Cole Blue & Marcus Ryan in Minneapolis

Marcus and Cole are a couple of seriously sexy twinks. Cole is tall, hung, blond, and very handsome. Marcus is a little shorter with mischievous blue-grey... [read more]

Kyle Steele & Joshua James BAREBACK in Chicago

Joshua is feeling "absolutely perfect" today - I'm going to guess that's got a lot to do with the smart, sexy, buff guy sitting next to him. Kyle Steele... [read more]

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