Alex Mason

Alex Mason & Jack Hunter BAREBACK in Omaha

It's hard and dirty work travelling around the country on the Jason Sparks Nationwide Bareback Road Tour so what better way to relax at the end of the... [read more]

Alex Mason, Brogan Reed, & Scott DeMarco BAREBACK in San Antonio

[read more]

Alex, Brogan, & Scott in San Antonio

The boys quickly get down to business, with Alex sucking Brogan while Brogan sucks Scott. Then Scott and brogan stand up to let Alex work on both of them,... [read more]

Declan McClain & Alex Mason BAREBACK in Louisville

Here's two familiar furry faces to everyone - Declan McClain and Alex Mason were begging Jason to do a scene together. These brunette beauties get lip... [read more]

Dustin Tyler & Alex Mason in Memphis

Is there anything better than a superb blow job. One that is meant to be just the start of a night of fucking but their mouth on your cock feels so fucking... [read more]

Alex Mason & Landon Wright BAREBACK in Des Moines

Meet the latest find by the Jason Sparks Nationwide Model Search - Alex Mason. Alex grew up on a farm and he's had his fair share of sex on the hay mount.... [read more]

Alex Mason & Pierce Blake BAREBACK in New Orleans

Pierce Blake is our hottest new find who is hoping to help pay off his student loans by doing some porn. He's from New Orleans and has a great story about... [read more]

Lucas, Alex & Owen BAREBACK in Des Moines

We have double the treats for you today! First up we have a new porn model - Lucas Zander whose kinkiest sexual experience is a threesome in an elevator... [read more]

Nick Oliver & Alex Mason BAREBACK in Atlanta

Well football season is well and truly underway in the US so Nick and Alex figured they'd get into the vibe and do their own version of tailgating. That... [read more]

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