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Cade Maddox & Spencer Daley BAREBACK in Cincinnati

It's an all American buffet of hotness this week when we introduce Cade Maddox to y'all and pair him up with sexy Spencer Daley. Both these guys are currently... [read more]

Jack Hunter & Cade Maddox BAREBACK in Las Vegas

Jack Hunter is back! Lured by the opportunity to appear with the very tall and super sexy Cade Maddox - when the Jason Sparks Nationwide Tour was recently... [read more]

Ivan Mattel & Cade Maddox BAREBACK in Saint Louis

Tall, tanned and totally ripped Cade Maddox is enlisting an army of fans around the country and indeed the world. From his very first appearance here on... [read more]

Brett Warner & Cade Maddox BAREBACK in Iowa City

Cade Maddox has a body to lust over and a big thick dick that you just want to ride all night long. Our latest model find is Brett Warner - who was a hockey... [read more]

Lucas Kross & Cade Maddox BAREBACK in Washington DC

Lucas Kross is looking for some fun ways to pay for college. What could be more fun than getting Cade Maddox's big dick in your tight cute young ass? Lucas... [read more]

Leo Wyatt & Cade Maddox BAREBACK in Indianapolis

Nasty pig Cade Maddox is going to show Leo Wyatt the ropes on his first porn shoot. Leo likes them tall and strong and Cade is all that with a big cock... [read more]

Niko Black & Cade Maddox BAREBACK in San Diego

Porn superstar Cade Maddox is back! Fan-favorite Cade is excited to break in handsome newcomer, Niko. Cade can't keep his hands off his new bottom as they... [read more]

Blane Carter & Cade Maddox BAREBACK in Baton Rouge

Blane Carter is a bright-eyed newbie eager to get his debut in front of Jason’s camera. He couldn’t be happier when he finds out that his partner is... [read more]

Nick Ford & Cade Maddox BAREBACK in Chicago

Cade Maddox is used to being worshipped and adored. And when you look like him, it’s hard to find a man who’s anywhere near your equal! Nick Ford,... [read more]

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