Chad Porter

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Chad Porter is back and this time he's in a flip flop bareback fuck fest with new porn model Devin Rey. Devin's a mountain climber and has even been to BaseCamp of Everest. But today he's getting to first base with Chad and the trade blow jobs and bareback fucking until it's raining cum.
OK full disclosure we shot this one a while ago but we got so many people asking for more of both Chad Porter and Jake Matthews that we thought we'd spoil y'all and give you a scene with the two of them together. Chad looks incredible with his legs in the air and Jake's tongue wedged firmly in his...
Check out Chad's fresh tattoo as he and Travis Stevens perform live. Oh you missed the actual show? We got you - here it is and what a hell of a show it was too!
Earlier this year Travis Stevens starred in a month of cam shows direct from the road. Here in Chicago he hooked up with Chad Porter and Jake Matthews for a show that was so good we had to put it here for posterity's sake!
Back in March this year Travis Stevens presented a bunch of live shows with some of his favorite fellows. Of course Chad Porter was one of them as the two get on incredibly well. If you missed the show we captured it for posterity's sake and for your viewing pleasure.
Chad Porter has a great ass. The rest of his body is pretty great too - but Dustin is mesmerized by that ass. After sucking on Chad's cock he goes to work with his tongue getting Chad's hole nice and lubed up. Dustin then takes his thick, bare cock and starts fucking Chad - his tanned muscles...
What are you doing right now - remember that as this is the time when you first say Chad Porter. Who? Get to know as the latest Jason Sparks Nationwide Model Search find is destined to be a porn superstar. He's that super hot jock you always fantasised about in High School who got all the girls but...