Travis Stevens

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Meet our latest porn star find Cadence Marshall. He grew up in Germany so has a delicious accent. We often have guys who are great at sports but Cadence has made it to the top level of sports - find out more in the interview! He also has some great locker room stories to share! It's good to see...
We have an embarrassment of riches in video footage here at Every so often we like to pull out something for a little ways ago with some of our most popular tour members. You remember Dustin Tyler and Travis Stevens right? Well Travis wanted to climb Dustin's pole "like a tree...
For those of you who have been fans of JasonSparksLive for sometime you will be acutely aware of Travis Stevens and that he was discovered right here and went on to have a huge career porn career. Here we have one of his videos and the second one that Road Trip regular Ian Levine shot! Travis is...
Tags: Tattoos, Oral, Rimming
There's so much that happens on the Jason Sparks Nationwide Road Trip that you don't get to see. We get to go to amazing parts of the country and play in the ocean. This bonus scene features Anthony Verusso and Travis Stevens in Tampa - hanging out at the beach and enjoying each other's company.
Check out Chad's fresh tattoo as he and Travis Stevens perform live. Oh you missed the actual show? We got you - here it is and what a hell of a show it was too!
Travis Stevens presented a bunch of live shows back in April of this year. They were so hot that we filmed them for our members and bring you Travis starring with a huge dildo - which the talented bottom devours!
Earlier this year Travis Stevens starred in a month of cam shows direct from the road. Here in Chicago he hooked up with Chad Porter and Jake Matthews for a show that was so good we had to put it here for posterity's sake!
Earlier this year Travis Stevens hosted a bunch of live shows featuring the hottest stars on the Nationwide Model Search. In this show we got to watch as Travis filmed William Isaacs and Jake Matthews in what proved to be a super sexy show!