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Jack Hunter

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Zack Grayson & Jack Hunter BAREBACK in Milwaukee

This was the first time we shot Zack Grayson and the lucky guy got paired with Jack Hunter for his first shoot. Zack loves the outdoors and you might not... [read more]

River Elliott & Jack Hunter BAREBACK in Milwaukee

Jason Sparks spends his days travelling across the USA looking for hot models and shooting them for your enjoyment. He's shot hundreds of scenes and discovers... [read more]

Halloween Vampires 2015

Something scary has happened on the Jason Sparks Bareback Road Trip ... Zack Grayson has discovered an abandoned warehouse and is exploring when he meets... [read more]

Lux Archer & Jack Hunter BAREBACK in Knoxville

You've already met Jack today we introduce sexy blonde Lux Archer. He's got a killer smile and a sexy body with a big cock. So Jack definitely ends up... [read more]

Scotty Knox & Jack Hunter BAREBACK in Cincinnati

This week's episode is a super special episode for you as we have TWO new models who have just joined the Nationwide Model Search. And both these boys... [read more]

Brett Cash & Jack Hunter BAREBACK in Austin

Brett Cash is our new find for this week - this hairy hot thang is paired with dark and handsome Jack Hunter so you know we're in for a treat! Brett starts... [read more]

Jack Hunter & Cade Maddox BAREBACK in Las Vegas

Jack Hunter is back! Lured by the opportunity to appear with the very tall and super sexy Cade Maddox - when the Jason Sparks Nationwide Tour was recently... [read more]

Jack Hunter & Spencer Daley BAREBACK in Las Vegas

The amazingly hot pairing of Jack Hunter and Spencer Daley starts off all muscle and sucking as they devour each other's cocks with some deep throat action... [read more]

Jack Hunter & Adam Gage BAREBACK in Kansas City

Looking something like a Nordic god - Adam Gage is stunning stunning man. Jack Hunter - you know him - is also a stunning stunning man. Just looking at... [read more]

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