Scott DeMarco & Derek Cross

Derek Cross is a wholesome, all-American boy, born and raised in the midwest, and he’s here to get his amateur gay porn cherry popped with fan favorite Scott DeMarco! The guys kneel face to face in the center of a comfy hotel bed making out in their briefs with some heavy petting. Soon, things escalate and Scott puts a foot up on the nightstand to give Derek full access to his cock. Derek sucks hard and takes Scott deep into his throat with a skill that makes Scott buck his hips forward. It’s clear he wants to fuck the newcomer’s throat, but he’s holding back. The look on Scott’s face and his moans say he’s getting some amazing deepthroat!

Scot gets Derek to lie back on the bed so he can showcase his own deepthroat skills on Derek’s long rod. Derek’s balls are already tight against his body, and Scott nuzzles them with his bearded chin as he crams Derek down his throat. Scott throws Derek’s legs up to get his face into Derek’s smooth hole with his tongue, making the bottom moan with his head back against the pillows. Scott gets Derek doggy style and starts pounding into his ass vigorously, and Derek is riding back to meet his thrusts. When Scott spanks Derek’s smooth ass, the bottom doesn’t even flinch but his eyes are squeezed tight. He’s obviously focused on how big Scott’s cock feels in his hole as Scott pile drives his ass.

The boys finish off missionary style with one of Derek’s long legs up over Scott’s shoulder. Derek’s entire body rocks with the motion of Scott’s thrusts and the bottom’s cock looks about ready to pop as it bounces against Derek’s abs. Scott leans closer, and they are face to face as his rhythm increases. Scott moans and he slams in deep, his cock pulsing and squirting its load far inside Derek's ass.